Class MaxExposure

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public class MaxExposure
extends RectRecurse
This class selects the best image for a pixel by looking for the image with the longest exposure that has the pixel in the field of view. Use of this Finder may not be optimal when using higher order samples, since it will tend to take images out to the edges and thus may have problems there. May wish to specify the MinEdge setting to cope with tht.
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    • findImages

      public int[] findImages​(Image[] input, Image output)
      Find the appropriate images. This routine gets the exposures for all of the images before calling the standard BorderImageFinder.
      findImages in class RectRecurse
      input - An array of images that may be sampled to get the output image.
      output - The output image. In this routine we are interested in its geometry, not its data.
      An index array which for each pixel in the output image gives the best image to sample. Note that this has dimension int[nx*ny] where nx changes most rapidly. The values of the index array can be:
      • >= 0: The pixel is best indexed with the given image.
      • -1: [internal] The best image for this pixel has not yet been determined.
      • -2: This pixel is not on any of the input images.
      • -3: This pixel does not represent a physical coordinate.
      • -4: [in other methods] this pixel has already been processed.
    • criterion

      protected double criterion​(int index, int nx, int ny, double tx, double ty)
      The criterion for the best image
      Specified by:
      criterion in class RectRecurse
      index - The index of the image being considered
      nx - The width of the candidate image
      ny - The height of the caandiate image
      tx - The x-value of the requested point.
      ty - The y-value of the requested point.
      A measure of the desirability of using this image to same this point. Larger is better.