Class HashedListTester

  extended by nom.tam.util.test.HashedListTester

public class HashedListTester
extends java.lang.Object

This class tests and illustrates the use of the HashedList class. Tests are in three parts.

The first section (in testCollection) tests the methods that are present in the Collection interface. All of the optional methods of that interface are supported. This involves tests of the HashedClass interface directly.

The second set of tests uses the Iterator (in testIterator) returned by the iterator() method and tests the standard Iterator methods to display and remove rows from the HashedList.

The third set of tests (in testCursor) tests the extended capabilities of the HashedListIterator to add rows to the table, and to work as a cursor to move in a non-linear fashion through the list.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void testCollection()
 void TestCursor()
 void testIterator()
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Constructor Detail


public HashedListTester()
Method Detail


public void testCollection()


public void testIterator()


public void TestCursor()