Class RGBWriter

All Implemented Interfaces:, Component

public class RGBWriter
extends HTMLWriter
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    • process

      public void process​(Image[] inputs, Image output, int[] sources, Sampler samp, DepthSampler dpSamp)
      Description copied from class: HTMLWriter
      Process the image. This should happen late.
      process in class HTMLWriter
      inputs - The input images.
      output - The output image
      sources - Usually a map giving the input image used for each output pixel
      samp - The sampler used to create the output
      dpSamp - For 3-d images the sampler in the energy axis.
    • getName

      public java.lang.String getName()
      Description copied from class: HTMLWriter
      A name for the component
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      getName in interface Component
      getName in class HTMLWriter
    • getDescription

      public java.lang.String getDescription()
      Description copied from class: HTMLWriter
      A description for the compontent.
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      getDescription in interface Component
      getDescription in class HTMLWriter
    • updateSettings

      protected void updateSettings​(Image output, Sampler samp)
      Update the settings before creating the appropriate HTML
      updateSettings in class HTMLWriter
      output - The output image
      samp - The sampler used to create the output image.