Class RotatedRectangle

public class RotatedRectangle
extends Border
This image finder uses the same algorithm as the border finder, but rather than using the rectangle in the projection plane, we assume that only a subrectangle which of the image (which may be rotated with respect to the image) is valid. A limits file is associated with each input image and contains a specification of the bounding rectangle in terms of the pixels of the original image.
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    • getInputLimits

      public int[] getInputLimits​(Image in)
      getInputLimits in class RectRecurse
    • getImage

      public double[] getImage​(Image in, double[] vector)
      Description copied from class: RectRecurse
      Convert an input unit vector to a position in an image.
      getImage in class RectRecurse
      in - The image we are transforming into the plane of.
      vector - The input unit celestial coordinate unit vector.
      The coordinate plane tuple. This is returned as a pointer to the field t2.