Class Radius

public class Radius
extends Border
This class finds the best images to be used for sampling using a recursive rectangle algorithm. It looks for rectangles the boundaries of which can all be sampled from the same input image.
  • Field Details

    • firstCall

      protected boolean firstCall
    • centers

      protected double[][] centers
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    • criterion

      protected double criterion​(int i, int nx, int ny, double x, double y)
      Being close to the center is the goal.
      criterion in class Border
      i - The index of the image being considered
      nx - The width of the candidate image
      ny - The height of the caandiate image
      x - The x-value of the requested point.
      y - The y-value of the requested point.
      The inverse of 4 r^2. This is a little faster to computer so we use this rather than inverse of the radius.