Class Converter

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public class Converter
extends Transformer
implements Component
A converter applies a succession of transformations on the data
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    void add​(Transformer trans)
    Add a component to the transformation
    void check()
    See if there are any optimizations we can do.
    void debug​(boolean flag)  
    java.lang.String getDescription()
    Get the description of this component.
    int getInputDimension()
    Get the dimensionality of the input vectors.
    java.lang.String getName()
    Get the name of this component.
    int getOutputDimension()
    Get the dimensionality of the output vectors.
    Converter inverse()
    Return the inverse of this series of transformations.
    boolean isInverse​(Transformer t)
    Is this the inverse of another transformation.
    void printElements()  
    void transform​(double[] in, double[] out)
    Transform a vector

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