Tabbed layout for Xamin results added to Xamin version 5.0

Xamin version 5.0 introduces the tabbed layout for grid formatted query results. This new output format replaces the current multi-window grid output. All new queries will be added to one main panel and each can be displayed by clicking its associated tab (figure 1). Tabs are labeled with the query number and mousing over the tab will display the more descriptive table name. Grids can be separated from the panel with a drag gesture, typically by clicking on the associated tab and dragging it to the desktop (figure 2). Tabs cannot be dragged back to the main panel.

figure 1

figure 2

Query visualization introduced with Xamin version 5.0

An interactive visualization component using the AladinLite data visualizer developed at the Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg (CDS) has been added to Xamin grid queries. This new feature allows users to select regions visually and to display the location of observations and targets against images of the HEASARC archive holding. User can also select an area within the Aladin widow to transfer coordinates to the Xamin window for a new query.

Positional grid-formatted queries will trigger the associated region and query results to be displayed in the Aliadin Lite window (figure 1). Results will be  shown as markers on the image.

Selecting a row in the results grid highlights the element in the Aladin window and vice-versa. (1, 2). Users can immediately determine the identity of interesting objects, or pick out objects with special non-spatial characteristics. The bar below the image window (3) shows the title of the associated grid. Clicking the Aladin icon (4) on the desktop will redisplay the Aladin window and bring it to the forefront. Clicking the Update icon (5) will replace the markers in the Aladin window with currently displayed query results. Clicking the Restore icon (6) will return the Aladin window to the initial state of the displayed query results.

Different background image data can be selected from a list of missions (figure 2).

A shift-click in the Aladin window (figure 3) will encircle the clicked position (1) and transfer the center coordinates and radius of the enclosed circle to the Xamin window (2) in quick preparation for a new query.

figure 1

AladinLite Window displayed in Xamin showing image base layer selections

figure 2

figure 3

Xamin 1.7 released

A new information pane is now included in the main Xamin web interface. This pane shows information about groups of tables and the detailed table documentation. Previously this information had been displayed in the bottom of the main query pane. The new arrangement makes it much easier to browse table documentation.