The State of Xamin and Browse

You may have noticed that a few problems have plagued the Browse and Xamin services over the last week. We have resolved many issues but anticipate that a few may still be pop up. We appreciate your patience as we implement this government mandated transition from http to https. Feel free to contact us if you have problems via the Browse Feedback form or Bug reports and Feature requests page under the Xamin Help menu.

Xamin Batch Interface issues

A new version of the jar file used for the Xamin command line interface has been released. The older version contains a URL that is no longer valid and queries using this jar file will fail.

There are two ways to fix this:

  • Users can download a new version of Xamin’s users.jar file
  • Users can use the existing users.jar but need to specify the environment variable XAMIN_CLI_URL to point to

If you have questions please let us know. We apologize for the inconvenience.