Batch Queries Moving to Xamin

On October 2, 2012 we will begin sending batch queries to our  Xamin interface.  Internal tests have shown Xamin about twice as fast as the current interface.

The switch will be accomplished by internally redirecting batch queries sent to the current URL to an Xamin URL.  Non-batch queries (used by our Browse interface) are not affected.  The redirection will be done internally within our site so that web clients will not see an HTTP 30x redirection response.

There are some small differences in the formats of data returned discussed in a previous post, but we hope that this transition should be largely invisible to users.  If you want to switch over early, you can query the URL

rather than the

URL currently invoked.  After next Tuesday batch requests to the URL will be transparently redirected to Xamin.  If you want to invoke the old behavior after next week you can switch to using

for your batch requests.

Versions of our batch scripts that will point consistently to either Xamin or Browse are available at  We recommend that you use the wget versions of scripts if possible since the simple tool used as an alternative has no ability to negotiate firewalls or redirections.


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