HI4PI: The HI 4-PI Survey


Image color table:graphical
Image scaling: Log, values range from 7.119021502265183E19 to 6.797915965932663E20
Image size(degrees): 30.0 x 30.0
Image size(pixels): 1200 x 1200
Requested Center: 12:10:34.18,18:56:35.83
Requested Center:182.64241666666666, 18.94328611111111
Coordinate System: J2000.0
Map projection: Arc
Sampler: Clip
Provenance:Argelander-Institut f??r Astronomie (AIfA), Max-Planck-Institut f??r Radioastronomie (MPIfR), and CSIRO/Australia; data provided by B. Winkel
Copyright:Permission is granted for publication and reproduction of this material for scientific and educational purposes. When using data products provided in this release, it is requested that authors refer to the HI4PI publication. We also ask that publications making use of these data include the following acknowledgement: "The Parkes Radio Telescope is part of the Australia Telescope National Facility which is funded by the Australian Government for operation as a National Facility managed by CSIRO. The EBHIS data are based on observations performed with the 100-m telescope of the MPIfR at Effelsberg. EBHIS was funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) under the grants KE757/7-1 to 7-3.

Created: 2018-03-07 23:11:19