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The SkyMorph Network

These SkyMorph Web pages use computers at a number of different sites for different tasks.
Running the NEAT telescope and initial processing of NEAT images.
  • SkyMorph processing of NEAT images.
  • Generation of SkyMorph object catalogs.
  • Storage of NEAT images
This is the host for the NASA's Horizon's Ephemeris generation service. It is called for all moving target requests.
The SkyMorph web server including all web scripts. Also used to store DSS data used for DSS image searches (and within SkyView ).
The SkyMorph database server with the list of currently processed observations.
The default SkyView server which provides comparisons to NEAT images.
Used to run Perl scripts which combine observations and ephemeris data.
Web server used to extract DSS2 images.

SkyMorph was developed under NASA's AISR program. The SkyMorph team is headed by Principal Investigator Steven Pravdo (NASA/JPL). The SkyMorph web site has been developed and is maintained by Thomas McGlynn (NASA/GSFC/USRA).
Thanks to Albert Mendez (USNA) and the Spacewatch team for access to and integration of Spacewatch data.
A service of the Astrophysics Science Division at NASA/ GSFC
HEASARC Director: Dr. Alan Smale

Responsible NASA Official: Phil Newman