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SkyView Guide to Wavelengths

What's out there? Looking up in the night sky, all we can see are stars and planets which make up only a small fraction of what's out there. But, there's so much more. Wavelengths beyond our capacity to see them with our eyes hold wonders and answers to questions previously thought to be unanswerable. To help acquaint you with the sky and the different wavelengths astronomers use, we have put together a page of interesting objects to view. Just place these names in the coorindate value box and select the appropriate survey and enjoy the show!

Eta carinae
3c273 (jet is barely visible)
Objects from the Messier catalog (M1 - M101)
Sombrero galaxy

Galactic center
Sco X-1

Galactic plane
Vela pulsar
Crab nebula


Eta Carinae
Orion nebula

Vela SNR
AR Lac
UV Gem

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