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SkyView Batch Keywords

Surveys (True Color and/or Contour overlays)

EGRET (3D)          
EGRET >100 MeV      
EGRET <100 MeV      
HEAO 1 A-2          
RASS-Cnt Broad      
RASS-Cnt Hard       
RASS-Cnt Soft       
PSPC 2.0 Deg-Inten  
PSPC 1.0 Deg-Inten  
RASS 1/4 keV        
RASS 3/4 keV        
RASS 1.5 keV        
Old PSPC (2 deg)    
ROSAT WFC F1        
ROSAT WFC F2        
EUVE 83 A           
EUVE 171 A          
EUVE 405 A          
EUVE 555 A          
UV Total            
UV Galactic         
UV Stellar          
UV SolSys           
Digitized Sky Survey
DSS2 Red
DSS2 Blue
COBE DIRBE          
IRAS 12 micron      
IRAS 25 micron      
IRAS 60 micron      
IRAS 100 micron     
SFD 100 micron
SFD Dust Map
GB6 (4850Mhz)       
4850Mhz (OLD)       
VLA FIRST (1.4 Ghz) 
VLA NVSS (1.4 Ghz)  
1420Mhz (Bonn)      
SUMSS 843 MHz       

Coordinate Systems


Map Projections

     Zenith Equal Area

Brightness Scalings

     Hist. Eq.

Name Resolvers

     NED only
     SIMBAD only

Grid and Pixel Center


Pixel Resamplings

     Nearest Neighbor
     Tri. Decomp.

Color Table

     B-W Linear
     Red Temperature
     Std Gamma-II
     Green/White Linear
     Grn/Wht Exponential
     16 Level
     Stern Special


1.5-GHz VLA-NEP Survey                       
20cm Radio Catalog                           
6cm Radio Catalog                            
8th Orbital Elements Catalog                 
ASCA Archival Data                           
ASCA GIS Source Catalog / ASCA Medium Sensiti
ASCA Galactic Plane Survey of Faint X-Ray Sou
ASCA Large Sky Survey                        
ASCA Master Catalog                          
ASCA Proposals                               
ASCA SIS Source Catalog                      
Abell Clusters                               
Ap & Am Stars General Catalog                
Ariel V All-Sky Monitor                      
Ariel V Third SSI                            
Asiago Supernova Catalog 1999                
Astrographic Catalog of Reference Stars      
BBXRT Archive                                
Be Stars Catalog                             
BeppoSAX 2-10 keV Survey                     
BeppoSAX Approved Pointings                  
BeppoSAX NFI Archive and Observation Log     
BeppoSAX WFC Observation Log                 
Bootes Deep Field WSRT 1.4 GHz Source Catalog
Bright Star Catalog                          
CGRO BATSE-Observed Piccinotti Sample of Acti
CGRO Timeline                                
CGRO/BATSE 4B Catalog                        
CGRO/BATSE Gamma-Ray Burst Catalog           
CGRO/BATSE Occultations                      
CGRO/BATSE Pulsar Observations               
CGRO/BATSE Trigger Data                      
CGRO/COMPTEL Low-Level Data and Maps         
CGRO/EGRET Photon Lists and Maps             
CGRO/EGRET Third Source Catalog              
CGRO/OSSE Observations                       
COS-B Map Product Catalog                    
COS-B Photon Events Catalog                  
Candidate Galaxies Behind the Milky Way      
Cataclysmic Variables Catalog (Living Edition
Catalog CMA Central 6 Arcmin                 
Catalog of Infrared Observations (CIO), Editi
CfA Redshift Catalog (June 1995 Version)     
Chandra Observations                         
Chandra Public Observations                  
Chromospherically Active Binary Stars Catalog
Copernicus X-Ray Observations                
Crab Pulsar Timing                           
Dixon Radio Sources                          
EINSTEIN IPC Unscreened Photon Event List    
ESO-Uppsala ESO(B) Survey                    
EUVE Archive and Observation Log             
EUVE Bright Sources                          
EUVE First Source Catalog                    
EUVE Second Source Catalog                   
EXOSAT Bibliography                          
EXOSAT CMA Images for Each Pointing          
EXOSAT GSPC Spectra and Lightcurves          
EXOSAT ME Slew Catalog                       
EXOSAT ME Spectra and Lightcurves            
EXOSAT Master Observation List               
EXOSAT Observation Log                       
EXOSAT TGS L and R Orders                    
EXOSAT TGS Spectra and Lightcurves           
EXOSAT/CMA High Galactic Latitude Survey     
EXOSAT/CMA Sources                           
EXOSAT/ME Galactic Plane Survey              
Einstein Catalog HRI CFA Sources             
Einstein Catalog HRI Deep Survey             
Einstein Catalog HRI ESTEC Sources           
Einstein Catalog IPC Deep Survey             
Einstein Catalog IPC EMSS Survey             
Einstein Catalog IPC Slew Survey             
Einstein Count Rates for IPC O Stars         
Einstein Extended Source Survey              
Einstein FPCS Events Files                   
Einstein HRI Images                          
Einstein HRI Photon Event Data               
Einstein IPC Images                          
Einstein IPC Photon Event Data               
Einstein IPC Sources Catalog                 
Einstein IPC Ultrasoft Sources Catalog       
Einstein LX & LBL Values for IPC O Stars     
Einstein MPC Raw Data                        
Einstein Observation Log                     
Einstein Observatory 2E Catalog of IPC X-Ray 
Einstein SSS Spectra and Lightcurves         
Einstein SSS and MPC Raw Data                
Einstein Two-Sigma Catalog                   
Extragalactic Radio Sources                  
Faint Images of the Radio Sky at Twenty cm So
Faust Far-UV Point Source Catalog            
First DENIS I-band Extragalactic Catalog     
GRS Gamma-Ray Bursts                         
Galactic Novae References Catalog            
Galactic O Stars Catalog                     
Galactic Planetary Nebulae Catalog           
Gamma-Ray Source Summary Catalog (Macomb & Ge
General Catalog of Variable Stars            
General Catalog of Variable Stars: Extragalac
General Catalog of Variable Stars: Extragalac
General Catalog of Variable Stars: Suspected 
Ginga Background Lightcurves & Spectra       
Ginga LAC Log Catalog                        
Ginga LAC Mode Catalog                       
Ginga LAC Raw Data                           
Ginga Source Lightcurves & Spectra           
Gliese Catalog of Nearby Stars, 3rd Edition  
Green Catalog of Galactic SNRs (August 2000 V
HEAO 1 A1 Lightcurves                        
HEAO 1 A1 X-ray                              
HEAO 1 A2 LED                                
HEAO 1 A2 Piccinotti                         
HEAO 1 A2 Pointed Lightcurves                
HEAO 1 A2 Pointing                           
HEAO 1 A2 Scanned Lightcurves                
HEAO 1 A2 Spectra                            
HEAO 1 A2 Spectra Background                 
HEAO 1 A3 MC Lass                            
HEAO 1 A4 Spectra                            
HEAO 1 A4 X-ray                              
HST Archived Exposures Catalog               
HST Guide Star Catalog, Version 1.2          
HST Planned and Archived Observations        
Henry Draper (HD) Catalog                    
Henry Draper Extension Charts Catalog        
Herbig & Bell Catalog of Orion Pop. Emission-
Hewitt & Burbidge (1991) Catalog of Extragala
Hewitt & Burbidge (1993) QSO Catalog         
Hickson Compact Groups of Galaxies (HCG) Cata
Hicksons Compact Groups of Galaxies (HCG) Ind
High-Mass X-Ray Binary Catalog (2000)        
Hipparcos Input Catalog                      
Hipparcos Main Catalog                       
IRAS 1.2-Jy Redshift Survey                  
IRAS Faint Sources                           
IRAS Point Sources                           
ISO (Infrared Space Observatory) Observation 
IUE (International Ultraviolet Explorer) Obse
Kommers et al. (2001) BATSE Non-Triggered Gam
LMC Clusters Catalog                         
LMC X-Ray Discrete Sources                   
Large Bright Quasar Survey                   
Low-Mass X-Ray Binary Catalog (2001)         
Lynds Catalog of Bright Nebulae              
Lynds Catalog of Dark Nebulae                
M31 Field Brightest Stars Catalog            
M31 Globular Cluster Candidates Catalog      
MIT/Amsterdam M31 Survey                     
Magellanic Catalog of Stars                  
Markarian Galaxies                           
Master EUV Catalog                           
Master Optical Catalog                       
Master Radio Catalog                         
Master X-Ray Catalog                         
McCook-Sion White Dwarf Catalog, 4th Edition 
Messier Nebulae                              
Milky Way Globular Clusters Catalog (June 199
Molonglo Radio Sources                       
Morphological Galaxy Catalog                 
NGC 2000.0 Catalog                           
NLTT Catalog & First Supplement              
OSO8 A Detector Lightcurves                  
OSO8 B&C Detector Lightcurves                
OSO8 GCXSE Raw Rates                         
Open Clusters Catalog                        
PG Catalog of UV-excess Objects              
Palomar/MSU Nearby Star Survey               
Parkes Multibeam Survey New Pulsar Catalog   
Parkes Southern Radio Sources                
Parkes-MIT-NRAO (PMN) Surveys                
Positions and Proper Motions Catalog         
Pulsar Catalog                               
RASS/Green Bank Catalog                      
ROSAT All-Sky Survey: A-K Dwarfs/Subgiants   
ROSAT All-Sky Survey: Bright Sources         
ROSAT All-Sky Survey: Chamaeleon Star Forming
ROSAT All-Sky Survey: Faint Sources          
ROSAT All-Sky Survey: Giants & Supergiants   
ROSAT All-Sky Survey: Hamburg Optical IDs    
ROSAT All-Sky Survey: Hyades Cluster Region  
ROSAT All-Sky Survey: Nearby Stars           
ROSAT All-Sky Survey: OB Stars               
ROSAT All-Sky Survey: Soft High Galactic-Lati
ROSAT All-Sky Survey: White Dwarves          
ROSAT Archival Data                          
ROSAT Archival WFC EUV Data                  
ROSAT Bright Survey (Schwope et al. 2000)    
ROSAT Catalog PSPC RX MPE Sources            
ROSAT Catalog PSPC WGA Sources               
ROSAT Catalog WFC 1RE Sources                
ROSAT Catalog WFC 2RE Sources                
ROSAT Complete Results Archive Sources for th
ROSAT Complete Results Archive Sources for th
ROSAT Deep X-Ray Radio Blazar Survey         
ROSAT HRI Catalog of LMC X-Ray Sources (Sasak
ROSAT HRI Orion Group 1 Stars                
ROSAT Master Observation Log                 
ROSAT Observation Log                        
ROSAT PSPC Catalog of Clusters of Galaxies   
ROSAT PSPC Catalog of LMC X-Ray Sources (Habe
ROSAT PSPC Catalog of SMC X-Ray Sources (Habe
ROSAT PSPC M31 Source Catalog                
ROSAT PSPC Survey of the Small Magellanic Clo
ROSAT Proposals                              
ROSAT Radio-Loud Quasars Catalog             
ROSAT Radio-Quiet Quasars Catalog            
ROSAT Results Archive Sources for the HRI    
ROSAT Results Archive Sources for the PSPC   
ROSAT Survey of the Orion Nebula             
ROSAT XUV Pointed Phase                      
Ritter Binaries Related to CVs Catalog       
Ritter Cataclysmic Binaries Catalog (6th Ed) 
Ritter Low-Mass X-Ray Binaries Catalog (6th E
SAS-2 Map Product Catalog                    
SAS-2 Photon Events Catalog                  
SAS-3 Y-Axis Pointed Obs Log                 
SMC & Bridge Clusters Catalog                
SMC H-Alpha Emission Stars/Nebulae           
SMC Probable Member Stars Catalog            
SMC X-Ray Discrete Sources                   
Shakbazian Compact Groups of Galaxies        
Shakhabazian (Shk) Compact Groups of Galaxies
Sharpless H II Regions                       
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Star Ca
Stern et al. (2001) BATSE Gamma-Ray Burst Cat
TD1 Stellar UV Fluxes                        
TYCHO-2 Catalog of the 2.5 Million Brightest 
Tartarus: Reduced ASCA AGN Data              
Texas Survey of Radio Sources at 365 MHz     
The VIIth Catalog of Galactic Wolf-Rayet Star
Third Reference Catalog of Galaxies          
USNO A-2 (Monet) Catalog                     
Uhuru Fourth (4U) Catalog                    
Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope Near-UV Bright 
Updated Zwicky Catalog                       
Uppsala General Catalog of Galaxies          
Vela 5B All-Sky Monitor Lightcurves          
Veron Quasars & AGNs (V2000)                 
Veron Quasars & AGNs (V2001)                 
Wackerling Catalog of Early-Type Emission-Lin
Washington Double Star Catalog               
Westerbork Northern Sky Survey               
Wood Interacting Binaries Catalog            
Woolley Catalog of Stars <25 pc from Sun     
X-Ray Binaries Catalog                       
XMM-Newton Accepted Targets                  
XMM-Newton Observation Log                   
XMM-Newton U.S. Public Archive               
XTE All-Sky Monitor Long-Term Observed Source
XTE All-Sky Monitor Quicklook Observed Data  
XTE Archived Public Data                     
XTE Archived Public Slew Data                
XTE Long-Term Schedule                       
XTE Master Catalog                           
XTE Observation Log                          
XTE Proposal Info & Abstracts                
XTE Short-Term Schedule                      
Zwicky Clusters                              

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