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This page describes some other sites which provide astronomy image services for survey datasets. It does not claim to be complete and focusses especially on services which provide data in cutouts or mosaicks as specified by the user as opposed to giving the user links to underlying predefined observations.

The Aladin Image/catalog display tool provides links to many image services and can extract images from them (including SkyView). provides beautiful color imagery of SDSS, IRAS and other datasets using a Google-maps style interface with the ability to see catalog information about objects in a given field of view.
Access to the Digitized Sky Surveys
Schmidt survey plates of the entire sky were scanned at the ST ScI and are available there and at a number of other sites. These generally provide access to cutouts of raw scan data rather than being resampled to a standard coordinate system as is done in SkyView.
SDSS Cutouts
Gorgeous color SDSS image cutouts can very quickly be generated here. Typically images will not span multiple SDSS fields.
IRSA Cutouts Services
The Infrared Science Archive (IRSA) at IPAC provides cutout services to a wide variety of surveys primarily of but not limited to infrared data.
This tool accurately visualizes the coverage of surveys and observations.
Along with many other capabilities both of these services provide links to images available in a given region of the sky.

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