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SkyView Survey Availablility

Most of SkyView's data are stored locally on SkyView systems but some survey data are transferred from remote servers. For these remote data we use a standard protocol where we first find a list of the images in the region of interest and then download these images to generate the requested SkyView image. Every now and then connections to these remote servers are interrupted and data cannot be transferred so requested image queries fail. We monitor these remote server connections and try to notify our contacts at the approprite institution as soon as we see problems.

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SkyView has been developed with generous support from the NASA AISR and ADP programs (P.I. Thomas A. McGlynn) under the auspices of the High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center (HEASARC) at the NASA/ GSFC Astrophysics Science Division.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of NASA and contributors of SkyView surveys.

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