Sloan Digital Sky Survey g-band

Short name[s] used to specify survey:SDSSg,SDSS g

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey is the deepest large scale survey of the sky currently available. SkyView dynamically queries the SDSS archive (currently release DR9) to retrieve information and resample it into the user requested frame. Further information on the SDSS and many additional services are available at the SDSS Web site.

ProvenanceSloan Digital Sky Survey Team
Copyright See Sloan usage document for distribution rights and acknowledgements.
Regime Optical
NSurvey 5
Frequency 646 THz
Bandpass 567-750 THz
Coverage 14,555 square degrees. The SDDS site provides coverage maps
PixelScale 0.4"
Resolution 1"
Coordinates Equatorial
Projection Tangent
Epoch 1998 to 2011
Reference Sloan Digital Sky Survey web site or ADS