IRAS Sky Survey Atlas: 100 micron

Short name[s] used to specify survey: IRAS100, IRAS 100 micron, IRAS 100, IRAS 100

The IRAS data include all data distributed as part of the IRAS Sky Survey Atlas. Data from the four IRAS bands are shown as individual surveys in SkyView. Users should be aware that IPAC does not encourage the use of data near the ecliptic plane as they feel that contribution from local cirrus emission is significant.

The data are distributed in sets of 430 maps. Each map covers approximately 12.5x12.5 degrees, and the map centers are offset by 5 degrees so that there is a 2.5 degree overlap. IPAC has processed to a uniform standard so that excellent mosaics of the maps can be made. Users should be cautious of data in saturated regions. Known problems in the analysis mean that data values are unlikely to be correct. Note that IPAC has optimized the processing of these data for features of 5' or more although the resolution of the data is closer to the 1.5' pixel size.

There are occasional pixels in the IRAS maps which are given as NULL values. Unless these are explicitly trapped by user software, these data will appear as large negative values. SkyView ignores these pixels when determining the color scale to display an image.

Essentially the entire sky is covered by the survey. However there are a few regions not surveyed and the data values in these regions are suspect. These are given to users as delivered from IPAC.

Provenance NASA IPAC/Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Copyright Public Domain
Regime Infrared
NSurvey 4
Frequency 3 THz
Bandpass 2.5-3.6 THz
Coverage All-sky
PixelScale 0.025 deg/pix
Units MJy/sr
Resolution 2'
Coordinates Equatorial
Projection Gnomonic(TAN)
Equinox 1950
Epoch 1983
Reference Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) Explanatory Supplement