Original Digitized Sky Survey

Short name[s] used to specify survey:DSSOld,Digitized Sky Survey,DSS

This survey comprises the compressed digitization of the Southern Sky Survey and the Palomar Sky Survey E plates as distributed on CD ROM by the Space Telescope Science Institute. Coverage of the entire sky is included. This survey consists of the digititized Southern Sky Survey conducted at the UK Southern Schmidt Survey Group by the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh (prior to 1988) and the Anglo-Australian Observatory (since 1988) Additional plates covering regions with bright objects are also included. The plates were digitized at the Space Telescope Science Institute and compressed using algorithms developed by R.White. These data are distributed on a set of 101 CD-ROMs.

The following data are included:

Southern hemisphere
SERC Southern Sky Survey and the SERC J Equatorial extension. These are typically deep, 3600s, IIIa-J exposures with a GG395 filter. Also included are 94 short (1200s) V exposures typically at Galactic latitudes below 15°. Special exposures are included in the regions of the Magellenic clouds.
Northern hemisphere
The northern hemisphere is covered by 644 plates from the POSS E survey. A special exposure of the M31 region that is distributed on the CD ROMs is not used in SkyView .

Provenance Data taken by ROE and AAO, CalTech, Compression and distribution by Space Telescope Science Institute.
Copyright STScI, ROE, AAO, UK-PPARC, CalTech, National Geographic Society.
Full copyright notice
Regime Optical
NSurvey 1
Frequency 560 THz (Different plates have different bands: J or E with a few exceptions)
Bandpass 422-965 THz (individual plates have smaller bandpass)
Coverage All-sky
PixelScale 1.7"
Units Scaled densities
Resolution Depends on plate. Typically 2"
Projection Schmidt (distorted Tangent plane projection)
Equinox 2000
Epoch 1945-1958 north, 1980-1999 south
Reference Lasker, et al., 1990, A.J. 99
Characteristics of the DSS surveys are summarized in this document.