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SkyView Temporarily Unavailable August 18, 2008

SkyView operations were interrupted Monday afternoon August 18, 2008 due to a local network problem. The website was unavailable from approximately 4:00-8:00pm EST. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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FIRST update

We have completed changes to SkyView to accommodate FIRST data changes at the MAST archive. FIRST data file names have changed and files for additional coverage have been added. Both the SkyView web site and SkyView-in-a-Jar file have been updated.

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New plot overlay capability

The latest version of SkyView has a new capability for drawing overlays on SkyView images. One major use of this will be to allow us to provide templates of the fields of view of various telescopes. E.g., in the image … Continue reading

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FIRST reorganization

SkyView gets the underlying data for the FIRST data from the MAST archive. They have recently changed how they provide the data a little. The data used to be gzip-compressed but is now uncompressed. There’s a little bit of extra … Continue reading

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CRVAL value in FITS file fixed

The bug that caused the incorrect values of FITS CRVAL keywords for fixed projections (described in the previous post) has been fixed.

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CRVAL Error in Fixed Projections

SkyView is currently putting incorrect values in the FITS CRVAL keywords of the fixed projections. The CRVAL keywords should be the center of the projection which in fixed projections is not necessarily the center of the image. For CAR, SFL … Continue reading

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Moving to Java 1.6.

The current SkyView JAR files were compiled using Java 1.5. We’re likely to move to 1.6 in the next release unless we hear an outcry from our users. It should be a little faster but if you just download the … Continue reading

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NEAT Simple Image Access Fix

There was an error in the VO Simple Image Access (SIA) server for the SkyMorph/NEAT database.  It had an error in its error handling. When an SIA call results in an error the service is supposed to return a specified … Continue reading

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SkyView in the WWT

The release of Microsoft’s WorldWideTelescope this week made a big splash with articles in the New York Times and other media. It’s a very nice interface where you can just zoom and pan and compare data in a very elegant … Continue reading

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Corrected Astrometry for DSS Plates

We’ve updated the astrometry for two DSS plates: XJ643 and XP338. These are at RA,Dec of 180.62,14.74 and 282.84,40.08 in the DSS2 Blue and Red respectively. Thanks to Sergei Goshko at for pointing out the discrepancies.

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