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WISE All-Sky Data Available in SkyView

SkyView is now serving the data from the WISE All-Sky Data release. The main difference with the preliminary release is coverage on the ~40% of the sky that was missing in the earlier release. However the entire dataset has been … Continue reading

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SkyView Surveys Summary: I

Recently we’ve been updating and systematizing some of the metadata we have on SkyView surveys, trying to make sure that we have consistent, quantitative description of each one. Some of the key metadata are the resolution of the survey on … Continue reading

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What are people interested in? (2)

A few years ago we posted an image of the sky which showed what people have been looking at. Here’s an update giving the distribution of pixel centers for the last 10,000,000 or so SkyView images (about the last 18 … Continue reading

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WISE versus IRAS

Just to see the incredible improvement WISE makes over the IRAS data here are two images of the same region (0.2×0.2 degrees at RA=2h 40m, Dec=20). The IRAS image (from the IRIS 12 micron survey) is very pixelated… There’s almost … Continue reading

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SkyView links to WISE Preliminary Release Data

Data from the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) Preliminary Release are now available in SkyView. WISE has made 4 all-sky surveys at 3.4, 4.6, 12 and 22 microns. The WISE surveys provide a remarkable picture of the sky in the … Continue reading

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How big is the universe?

Sometimes we can get a sense of the immensity of the universe from mundane things. The odometer on my 10 year old car is approaching 186,000 miles. That’s about as far as light goes in a single second. It takes … Continue reading

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Features in the Gallery: Don’t look too close.

We recently had a query about features in the image . You can see it in the Gallery. There images seems to have a very sharp but colorful transition between the bottom left and top right, but there are also … Continue reading

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Fermi Survey Files

The survey description files for the Fermi soft and hard surveys were improperly formatted so that users attempting to use the SkyView jar in batch mode would not be able to query these surveys.  The files have been updated in … Continue reading

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SkyView Support for SDSS DR8

We have updated SkyView to use the DR8 release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS). The DR8 includes substantially greater sky coverage and is a major reprocessing of all data in the SDSS. There are a fair number of … Continue reading

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SkyView Fermi LAT Surveys

We have just released two gamma-ray all-sky surveys based upon the Fermi LAT weekly data. Fermi images go much deeper and have somewhat higher resolution than the old EGRET surveys. Fermi is also sensitive to gamma-rays at significantly higher energies, … Continue reading

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