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SDSS DR9 release

It appears that the SDSS servers have begun serving SDSS DR9 data. SkyView accesses the SDSS through the Virtual Observatory Simple Image Access protocol (SIAP). In this protocol a user first requests a list of the images available in a … Continue reading

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WISE and SDSS problems

Recently we’ve had some problems with access to the WISE and SDSS surveys (but not the SDSS DR7). We access these remotely using a standard protocol where we first find a list of the images in the region of interest … Continue reading

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VLSS Redux available through SkyView

The VLSS sky survey has been updated to use data from the VLSS redux analysis described in Lane et al 2012. There is a slight increase in sky coverage and resolution and a substantial improvement in the noise due to … Continue reading

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FITS Header Issue

In some cases SkyView has been including newline characters in FITS headers. This is a violation of the FITS standards and apparently confuses some tools about subsequent header records. We’ve put in a fix for the problem this morning (10/25) … Continue reading

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Features in the Gallery: The GEICO Gecko?

One recent gallery entry shows — to me at least — a remarkable resemblance to the GEICO gecko. or you can see it a lot bigger in its gallery entry. This is a DSS blue image, and we don’t see … Continue reading

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WISE survey interruption

No access to WISE survey data was possible for much of today due to problems at IPAC. These have been resolved and WISE data should again be available through SkyView.  

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Approximate Projections and Raw Cutouts

One feature that we’ve added to the underlying SkyView code recently is the ability to create approximate projections.  Several surveys in SkyView, the DSSn and NEAT include distortions in the projection plane that mean that the data cannot be accurately … Continue reading

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Problems accessing WISE data

For the past couple of weeks SkyView has not been able access data from the WISE archive. SkyView queries for  WISE images in regions already in our cache worked fine, but users who requested a new region got back a … Continue reading

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Features in the Gallery: Klingon Forcefields?

  Since there are more than 100 surveys in SkyView, it shouldn’t be surprising that we are not experts in the characteristics of each one. A blog reader noted that there is a very unusual feature in the WISE data … Continue reading

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New INTEGRAL Galactic Plane Survey in SkyView

A new INTEGRAL Galactic plane survey has been added using data provided by R. Krivonos and colleagues.  (See paper and web site).   This survey combines 9 years of INTEGRAL IBIS observations from December 2002 through January 2011 into a single … Continue reading

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