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RGB Image Overlays using SkyView clients

SkyView provides two ways to generate images on local machines – the java based SkyView-in-a-Jar application and the Perl based skvbatch program. Most tasks are straight forward using either client. java -jar skyview.jar Position=m101  survey=DSS Return=jpg size=.25 Pixels=500 output=java_out skvbatch … Continue reading

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Features in the Gallery: Saturn

This recently submitted image looks nothing like the ringed planet Saturn we all know and love. It turns out that there is a planetary nebula named the Saturn Nebula.  SkyView displays images of objects outside our solar system so when … Continue reading

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New SkyView Survey: WMAP

Microwave data from the WMAP (Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe) mission are now available in SkyView. WMAP is the first fine-resolution (0.2 degree) all-sky map of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation. For more information see our Survey Information page and the … Continue reading

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Java for SkyView-in-a-Jar

Every now and then we receive emails from SkyView users reporting problems running the SkyView-in-a-Jar application (skyview.jar) on a local machine. Most of the time the problems are due to a mismatched version of java being used to run the … Continue reading

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SkyView image center coordinates in decimal format added

The information displayed below web form query image results now includes the coordinates of the requested center in decimal format.  This applies to queries where the entered position is in any format other than decimal (object name, coordinates in sexagesimal … Continue reading

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SkyView 2MASS status

Due to a file system configuration problem some 2MASS images have been unavailable since December 17, 2008.  We are working to fix the situation and should have the 2MASS data back on line soon.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

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SkyView 2MASS data back online

The 2MASS survey data are available again via SkyView.

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SkyView SDSS and 2MASS data availability

The SDSS server connection problems that were reported earlier this week have been resolved. However again due to connection problems with the remote system that provides the data, 2MASS survey data are unavailable via SkyView. We have been in touch … Continue reading

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SkyView SDSS data are unavailable

Sloan Digitized Sky Survey images are not available at this time due to problems connecting to the remote server that hosts the SDSS data. We are investigating the problem and apologize for any inconvenience.

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More SkyView LogLog scaling

The LogLog scaling that was the subject of a previous post has been added to the SkyView Query Form. Look for it as a Brightness Scaling option in the Other Options section.

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