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SkyView 2MASS data interruption March 1, 2011

The remote system that serves 2MASS data was down for scheduled maintenance for a couple hours today. As of 3:50pm EST service has been restored and 2MASS data is again available in SkyView. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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SkyView updates GALEX survey

Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) surveys have been updated to use the GALEX GR6 release. As mentioned in a previous post GR6 improvements include more sky coverage and a bit better calibration. Image generation for GALEX may be slow for a … Continue reading

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The SkyView Blog is back online

Due to issues that affected several local systems the SkyView name resolvers were unavailable for 2 days and the SkyView Blog was offline for 10 days. Currently all SkyView services are back online. We apologize for the inconvenience. To ensure … Continue reading

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Recent SkyView Availability issues

SkyView experienced two separate outages the last two days. 2MASS data were unavailable most of Tuesday due to the downtime of the remote system hosting the 2MASS survey data. The problems were resolved and 2MASS data are now available again … Continue reading

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SkyView Service Interruption

SkyView will be unavailable for a limited time Tuesday (August 3, 2010) morning as we perform a hardware upgrade. We hope that the downtime will be short but it is possible that some remote survey data and SkyView services may … Continue reading

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Continuing SkyView Disk Repair

The final disk that appears to need repair is being worked on today. We have had to relocate the cache directories so queries that require access to remote systems (ie., FIRST, SDSS, Galex, 2MASS) will be slower as we re-transfer … Continue reading

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SkyView hardware woes

One of the constituent disks on a SkyView RAID system failed Monday evening. The disks are supposed to recover automatically from such a failure, but manifestly they did not and our operations personnel had to initiate recovery manually. Recovery activities … Continue reading

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SkyView Image Gallery – missing images

Due to a programming bug SkyView images that were been submitted to the Image Gallery since the end of August 2009 have not been displayed.  The bug has been fixed and all submitted images now appear in the gallery. Thanks … Continue reading

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SkyView Blog Housekeeping

We have upgraded our blog software and all seems normal.  Let us know if you see otherwise.

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SkyView bug fix and security improvements

A software update was released today that includes a bug fix and improvements to the user input validation process. The bug that was causing the name resolver argument to be ignored has been fixed.  Due to the bug all positions … Continue reading

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